Daily NAPTA Update 12.09.22

Posted by Diane Macri | Dec 09, 2022


Bay Area homeowners shouldn't expect lower property taxes despite falling prices
Mercury News
Bay Area home values likely will continue to fall in 2023 — with the San Francisco area set to take the biggest losses in the country — but that doesn't mean homeowners should necessarily expect a break on their property taxes.


Woman says property taxes may force her out of Chicago
CBS Chicago
Across Chicago and Cook County, homeowners were told to brace for a spike in property taxes. Yet what some homeowners are finding in the mail this week is leaving many to do double-takes, asking just how their new assessment can be right. And have only a couple of weeks to pay it.


‘This is bonkers' St. Louis County Assessor addresses 2022 personal property tax bills
Taxpayers passing through the St. Louis County Government Center in St. Ann describe one of the more difficult aspects of the holiday season on Wednesday. “I was paying, actually both personal property tax and real estate tax,” said Ethel Dodson, a Hanley Hills resident.


Attempt to define 'governmental use' for property tax exemptions stalled in committee
County 10
A state legislative committee has tabled a bill intended to clarify which government-owned properties are exempt from taxation in Wyoming. The bill draft features several lists of activities that would – and would not – be considered a “governmental purpose” and therefore qualify – or not – for property tax exemptions.

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