The National Association of Property Tax Attorneys is a nonprofit organization of ad valorem tax and property tax attorneys throughout the United States and Canada who are committed to increasing awareness and understanding about property tax issues, educating the public about this specialized area of law, and uniting competent tax specialists throughout the United States and Canada.

Today NAPTA is comprised of a network of more than 65 independent attorneys providing all-encompassing property tax services to individuals and corporations, large and small. Membership in NAPTA is by invitation only.


NAPTA members are highly experienced property tax lawyers and leaders in their jurisdictions. Each member has an extensive understanding of the laws and practices of their jurisdiction as well as an unparalleled familiarity with how those laws are applied to particular types of property.  In addition, when you partner with a NAPTA member, you are connected to a network of more than 65 attorneys from independent law firms across North America.

Our unique NAPTA network of attorneys understands the importance of delivering high-quality legal advice to their clients.  NAPTA provides a platform for clients to access quality legal professionals throughout North America and benefit from the personalized service only independent attorneys can provide. Working together, our NAPTA network shares an uncompromising commitment to excellence in everything we do.


Experienced Attorneys. Specialized Expertise

We are proud of our NAPTA network of property tax attorneys who have made our membership a trusted source of expertise.