Daily NAPTA Update 6.8.2023

Posted by Diane Macri | Jun 08, 2023


As values soar 12.3%, appraiser calls for 3% tax rate cuts
Miami Today
Estimated taxable property values in Miami-Dade leaped 12.3% this year, a tax windfall for local governments so expansive that the property appraiser is again calling for a 3% reduction in millage rates across the board. Property Appraiser Pedro Garcia, as he does each year, released estimates June 1 as governments began budgeting for the year ahead.


Michigan's nonprofit hospitals get big tax breaks. They don't always give much in return
Butterworth Hospital in downtown Grand Rapids was recently named one of the least generous nonprofit hospitals in America. That's according to the Lown Institute, a nonpartisan think tank that advocates for health system reforms, which compared the tax breaks that nonprofit hospitals get to their spending on charity care and community investments.


As Montana property taxes climb, drumbeat for tourist tax grows
Missoula Current
Later this month, Missoula homeowners and others around the state will receive what they may dread the most – the state's latest appraised value of their property. With market values on the rise, the mills levied by the city and county will increase in value, meaning the number of mills they can levy will decrease, as they risk hitting the state mandated mill cap. 


Texas Officials Are Letting Public Schools Slide into Crisis
Texas Monthly
Texas doesn't have a mile-high city, but Fort Davis comes close at 4,892 feet. The tiny unincorporated town is nestled in the foothills of the Davis Mountains, where bears and mountain lions and elk stalk among pine-forested sky islands. Fort Davis is the seat of Jeff Davis County, whose population of 1,900 is spread among 2,265 square miles, 50 percent bigger than Rhode Island. 

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