Daily NAPTA Update 6.20.2023

Posted by Diane Macri | Jun 20, 2023


Lower property tax rates softening blow of exorbitant B.C. home prices
Financial Post
While average home prices continue to rise throughout Canada, a recent study by real estate listing website Zoocasa.com found another cost homeowners face varies widely across the country and could impact the overall financial equation in buying a home.


Hotel CEOs on summer rates, recession risks and how AI can affect future travel
The Points Guy
The top executives of the world's largest hotel companies and ownership groups convened in New York City earlier this month for New York University's International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference. It might be an all-business kind of crowd, but the conversations had within these walls heavily affect how your next vacation might go.

Rent growth is slowing, but that doesn't mean rents are affordable
The surge in rent prices over the past two years is keeping inflation high — and making life increasingly unaffordable for many Americans. The big picture: While the rate of rent growth is slowing nationwide, and even falling in some regions, that's not helping most middle-class or low-income renters. State of play: There's a shortage of affordable rental units in the U.S.

1 big thing: Closed hotels are hot
Interest in revitalizing or redeveloping closed hotel properties has been on the rise for the last decade — but it's surged to new heights since the pandemic began, Nathan writes. Why it matters: Vacant sites are a scourge to local property values and pose safety and other problems to law enforcement, lawmakers and residents.


Los Angeles CC: How One Of The World's Most Secretive Golf Clubs Saves $80 Million On Taxes
Huddle Up
Los Angeles Country Club is the host of this week's US Open golf tournament, and it's also one of the world's most secretive golf clubs. So today's newsletter breaks down everything you need to know, including why they don't allow celebrity members, their sky-high initiation fees, their 1,000+ rule book, and the two laws that were implemented to help them save $80 million per year on taxes.


Property tax hike on the way for NOLA homeowners
New Orleans homeowners should be prepared for sticker shock. By Louisiana law, property taxes are re-assessed every four years, and 2023 is one of those years. Orleans Parish Assessor Errol Williams has released a map, showing the average home price per square foot in 2023, compared to the average price in 2019.


School property taxes fund cyber charter schools' excesses
Williamsport Sun-Gazette
More than $3.4 million spent on advertising over a 3-month period. Over $75,000 spent on tickets, parking, and concessions for Major League baseball games-including $50 per person for rooftop catering. Tens of thousands of dollars spent sponsoring minor league baseball and hockey teams. Over $100,000 spent on branded clothing and other swag.


Texas school districts are alarmed by push to kill property taxes
The Texas Tribune
After humming under the surface of conservative politics for nearly three decades, a bold question has emerged front and center in this year's legislative tax cut debate: Can Texas eliminate school property taxes altogether? An influential conservative think tank floated the idea at the beginning of this year's legislative session, ranking that goal among its top 2023 priorities. 


County property value assessments going up 30%
Methow Valley News
Property valuations — what the county assessor determines property is worth — have gone up by about 30% across Okanogan County. In fact, the Methow has some of the few regions where the increase was smaller, with a 20% jump in the town of Winthrop and 25% in some neighborhoods between Winthrop and Carlton.

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