Daily NAPTA Update 3.3.2023

Posted by Diane Macri | Mar 03, 2023


Bill to provide up to 40% tax relief to Idaho homeowners moves forward in senate
As BoiseDev reported last month, Grow's bill would provide direct tax relief to homeowners through two funding mechanisms. The first would take 4.5% of the state's sales tax revenue and direct it to a credit on property tax. The second would direct up to $150 million of any statewide budget surplus for additional credit.


State commerce board wrestles taxation power from locals in Folgers case
Louisiana Illuminator
A state board has overturned the decisions of three New Orleans taxing authorities that sought to collect millions in property taxes from Folgers Coffee Co. Wednesday's vote from the Louisiana Board of Commerce and Industry, composed of business group representatives and governor's appointees, is the latest development in a saga that has spanned more than two years.


Minn. Court Says Goodwill Store Exempt From Property Tax
The Minnesota Tax Court ruled that a Goodwill thrift store should be refunded property taxes paid in 2020 and 2021 as the organization qualified for a charitable exemption due to its...


School-funding suit plaintiffs again call for statewide property tax to be jettisoned
NH Business Review
The tussle over the constitutionality of the Statewide Education Property Tax continued this week in Rockingham County Superior Court as plaintiffs challenging the tax countered in their latest fling that the argument it offered by the state and nearly three dozen municipalities with the highest assessed property values per student.


Catawba County Revaluation: Property owners shocked by property values more than doubling in cases
Property values are increasing by unprecedented margins in Catawba County. According to the county, there is an increase of 69% since the previous revaluation in 2019. Jeff Huffman is among many property owners who were shocked to see the increase.


Company to mail out tentative 2024 property values in Beaver County
The Times
The company completing Beaver County's first property reassessment in 40 years will mail out preliminary values later this month. Taxes on the new property values, once finalized, will be levied beginning Jan. 1, 2024, for the 2024 tax year.


Texas leaders vow to exclude renewables from plans to replace Chapter 313
Texas Tribune
In 2021, the Texas Senate declined to consider a bill extending the program, which discounted local property taxes to lure big companies to the state. It had become plagued with bipartisan accusations of “corporate welfare.”

Texas GOP Bill Would Reward Married Couples Who Have 10 or More Children
News Week
A Republican state representative in Texas has filed a bill that would give a 100 percent credit for property taxes to married couples with 10 or more children. The bill, introduced by Bryan Slaton on February 27, would provide graduated tax relief for married families with four or more children, incentivizing couples to increase the size of their family.

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan releases $17B property tax proposal
Texas Tribune
Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan's main property tax proposal unveiled Thursday calls for $17 billion in cuts and a stricter cap on how much school district taxes can go up each year, setting up a stark divide between the Texas Legislature's two chambers on how to provide tax relief to property owners this session.

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