Daily NAPTA Update 3.2.2023

Posted by Diane Macri | Mar 02, 2023


Average N.J. property tax bill topped $9K once again. Here's how much it jumped
The average property tax bill for New Jersey homeowners hit a record $9,490 in 2022 — an increase of slightly more than 2% in a state that already had the nation's highest property taxes, according to figures released by the state Tuesday. That's $206 more than the $9,284 taxpayers shelled out on average the year before.


Senator Paul Bettencourt files bill to raise ISD homestead property tax exemption
Texas Senator Paul Bettencourt has announced he's filed a bill to raise ISD homestead property tax exemption limits in the state. According to a release, SB3 and SJR 3, the constitutional amendment, which would put to the voters of Texas the single largest ISD property tax homestead exemption increase in Texas history.


Utah senator sees a way to ease the property tax burden on homeowners
Salt Lake Tribune
An eleventh-hour bill in the Utah Legislature is pitting tax fairness for homeowners against the state's strong reputation for being friendly to business. SB228 would lift the veil in limited ways on actual prices paid in millions of dollars of commercial real estate transactions each year — information that has long been kept secret under Utah law.

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