Daily NAPTA Update 2.1.2023

Posted by Diane Macri | Feb 01, 2023


Big-city exodus
People aren't moving to big city centers like they used to, even as employers ramp up calls to return to the office, Axios' Sami Sparber reports. Why it matters: Affordability is still drawing Americans to areas that are less dense and cheaper, particularly in the Sun Belt.


The property tax battle over Rockford-area grocery stores
Rock River Current
This week a battle begins over some of the biggest property tax bills in the county. The Winnebago County Board of Review will start to hear the largest complaints of overvaluation it has on the books, and that puts millions of dollars in property values and therefore tax dollars at stake. 


Property Taxes See Significant Increases Across Indiana
WOWO 1190 AM
If you own a home in Indiana then you have likely noticed that your property taxes have gone way up. By how much varies on where you live and the local economic situation, but according to a study by the Association of Indiana Counties, Hoosiers are paying about 16-percent more in property taxes on average. Farmers are also paying about 16-percent more.


Bill Would Create Education 'Donor Towns' and Expand Tax Relief Program
A bill that would, once again, create “donor towns” under the Statewide Education Property Tax had a public hearing Tuesday before the House Ways and Means Committee. House Bill 569 would require all communities in the state to send their statewide property tax revenue to the state Department of Revenue Administration to deposit the money into the Education Trust Fund.


Grayson County courthouse closed due to winter weather, property tax deadline postponed
The Grayson County Courthouse closed as a result of the winter weather Monday. The deadline has been postponed for residents who still need to pay property taxes. The Grayson County Office of Emergency Management said the tax payments will be accepted on the first day the courthouse reopens, and payments received that day will be posted as received on January 31, without penalty or interest.

Texas Legislature: What you need to know about the property tax debate
The Texas Tribune
Property tax cuts will be one of the dominant topics of debate during this legislative session, and the fight over how much to spend on them is starting to take shape. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have filed dozens of bills aimed at curbing the state's high property tax burden. 

Travis Co. residents urged to pay property taxes online due to jugging cases spike
The deadline to pay your property tax online is Tuesday, Jan. 31 at midnight. Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector Bruce Elfant is asking residents to pay their property tax online after citing recent crime data.

Property tax payment deadline extended to Wednesday due to inclement weather
Property owners got some good news on Tuesday morning. Albert Uresti, the Bexar County Tax Assessor, said on the tax assessor website that the tax office locations are closed on Tuesday due to the winter weather event, which prompted him to extend the deadline to pay property taxes.

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