Daily NAPTA Update 1.3.23

Posted by Diane Macri | Jan 03, 2023


Toronto's Vacant Home Tax Is Now In Effect
At the tail end of 2022, residential property owners began to receive City-issued Vacant Home Tax Property Status Declaration forms, directing them to declare the occupancy status of their properties before February 2, 2023. The form specifies that late declarations will be subject to a fine of $250.

Court of Appeal sides with North Van in Seaspan tax dispute
North Shore News
The B.C. Court of Appeal has quashed an effort by Seaspan to overturn an assessment decision that greatly impacts the value of the company's 16-hectare North Vancouver property for tax purposes. At issue before the courts was whether an order to clean up the contaminated soil on the industrial site should affect how valuable BC Assessment determines the land to be worth.


Maryland property values rise 20.6% in '23 reassessment
Maryland property values jumped 20.6% over the last three years amid the pandemic's strong market, the largest increase in recent years, state tax officials announced Thursday. Maryland's 2 million property accounts are split into three groups and appraised once every three years to help determine property taxes owed.


Guilderland's 20 Mall wins partial victory in tax case
Times Union
The operators of the 20 Mall along Western Avenue garnered a modest victory last week when an appeals court approved part but not all of their effort to lower their...


No. 1. City announces apartments, 75-year tax abatement
A partnership between the city of Seguin and a developer to bring an apartment complex to town has a local school district's taxpayers asking questions. The city of Seguin plans to enter into an agreement with Vaquero Ventures to build the Lily Springs Apartments complex, creating a city-owned workforce housing project through a public finance corporation.

Texas Supreme Court declines to intervene in Chapter 313 program case
The Texas Tribune
The Texas Supreme Court declined Friday to intervene in a request from two renewable energy firms that say they'll miss out on millions of dollars in tax savings from a program set to expire this year because an overwhelmed state agency failed to process their application in time.

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