Daily NAPTA Update 12.16.22

Posted by Diane Macri | Dec 16, 2022


Analysis: Illinois local governments have given Amazon $733M in tax breaks, second among states
Prairie State Wire
Amazon has received $733 million in property tax breaks to open its facilities in 16 Illinois communities, second-highest among U.S. states. That's according to an analysis of data compiled by the advocacy group Good Jobs First, which opposes such subsidies.

Cook County and Maria Pappas Sued Over Resi Tax Sales
The Real Deal
A pair of low-income homeowners and three Chicago nonprofits filed suit on Thursday against Cook County and its Treasurer Maria Pappas over the county's handling of the sales of home over tax delinquencies.


Texas Comptroller Sued by Renewable Companies to Force Approval of Chapter 313 Applications
The Texan
Four renewable energy companies sued the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts this week, hoping to force the state to process all Chapter 313 abatement applications before the program expires at the end of the month.

Council responds to report finding 'affordable' condos aren't always affordable
Austin Monitor
City Council approved a resolution on Dec. 8 addressing barriers to affordable condo ownership, acting on findings from a report by the University of Texas School of Law that expensive condo fees and improper property tax assessments can push below-market units beyond the reach of those who qualify.

Texas firms denied tax breaks take their case to the state supreme court
Dallas Morning News
Stetson Renewables Holdings LLC and Ogallala Renewable Project LLC took their case directly to the state's high court this week, arguing they've been denied valuable tax breaks because the comptroller's office can't process a rush of applications intent on beating the law's Dec. 31 expiration.

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