Daily NAPTA Update 12.15.22

Posted by Diane Macri | Dec 15, 2022


Henry Co. Commission rescinds abatement for solar project
The Henry County Commission has reneged on the approval of a 20-year tax abatement for the Chicago-based renewable energy company — Hecate Energy. This comes after nearly 30 Henry County Citizens, primarily from the Tumbleton area voiced their concerns about the project.


Florida lawmakers OK tax break for homeowners hit by hurricanes
Tampa Bay
Homeowners — including those in Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel and Captiva islands and coastal parts of St. Johns County — will soon be allowed to apply for property tax refunds if their residence was “rendered uninhabitable” for at least 30 days.


Fieldale Farms, Walmart to receive tax refunds after county scheduling snafu
Now Habersham
Habersham County's largest industry and retailer are among the property owners benefiting from tax appeal scheduling snafus. Fieldale Farms and Walmart are both due partial refunds after the county failed to schedule a Hearing Officer within the required timeframe to handle the companies' reassessment appeals.


Companies go to court in Texas to secure Chapter 313 tax savings
The Texas Tribune
Days before the expiration of a state program that provides billions of dollars in property tax breaks to businesses moving to Texas, two companies have gone to court arguing they're being frozen out from the last-minute savings due to an overwhelmed state agency.

Montgomery county recoups $165K in taxes after amending agreement with manufacturing firm
Houston Chronicle
Montgomery County commissioners approved an amendment to a tax abate agreement with Memstar USA and recaptured roughly $165,000 after the company was unable to meet a requirement of 80 having employees.

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