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Posted by Diane Macri | Nov 30, 2022


Montreal hikes residential taxes 4.1 per cent, highest in a decade

CTV News
Valerie Plante's administration at the City of Montreal released its 2023 budget Tuesday, and it includes the largest tax increase since 2010. Residential property taxes collected by the city centre will go up an average of 4.1 per cent in 2023. "With this budget, the city has done everything possible to limit tax increases, while maintaining high quality municipal services," said Plante in a statement.

Oil and gas company gets huge property tax penalty cancelled

Council has approved the cancellation of a $187,542 tax penalty against an oil and gas company operating in Mountain View County. The move came by way of motion at the recent council meeting, held in person and on Zoom. The county imposed the penalty on Whitecap Resources Inc. in September after 2022 tax levies of $4,707,077 were not received by the annual tax deadline that month, council heard.


DC Office Landlords Want Help For Distressed Office Market

Commercial Observer
In a letter sent by the Federal City Council to Glen Lee, D.C.'s new chief financial officer, the economic development group asked that Lee's office better explain how it is accounting for the level of distress facing the city's office market, particularly since the latest D.C. budget included increased tax rates for commercial properties.


School finances: Kingfisher Wind ruling 'will affect every district in the state'

After the Oklahoma Supreme Court unanimously affirmed a trial court's ruling in October, federal production tax credits used to finance the construction of wind and solar farms can no longer be included in county assessors' property valuations that determine the local taxes paid by energy companies.


Spokane City Council Votes to Override Vetoed Property Tax Ordinance

City of Spokane, Washington
During Monday's Legislative Session, Spokane City Council voted 6-1 to override the Mayoral veto of Ordinance C36307, which will increase revenues by an average of $8 per household. The 1% property tax collected in 2023 will be close to $1 million and will continue a long history in Spokane of devoting any allowable property tax increase to fund much-needed police and fire vehicles.

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