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The American dollar store falls on hard times


Ruth Colvin-Graves, 76, of Columbus, Ohio, used to make Family Dollar her go-to destination for snacks, paper towels, and cleaning products. “These were all things that I wouldn't have to choose between feeding me and my son or keeping a roof over our heads,” Graves said. Like many customers, the discounts and convenience enticed her.

L.A. County Aims to Speed Up Property Tax Corrections

SCV News

With the federal and state deadlines for filing and paying taxes here, Los Angeles County is also renewing its focus on taxes, with a special focus on enhancing its property tax correction and reimbursement processes. This week, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion introduced by Supervisor Kathryn Barger, whose Fifth District includes the Santa Clarita Valley.

The Tax Horror Stories Keep Piling Up in New Jersey

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A front-page story in USA Today last week was different than most: It took the form of a quiz. "Residents of this state pay $987,117 in lifetime taxes. Guess which one?" asked the headline. It took a Secaucus second for residents of New Jersey—and ex-residents like me—to get the answer: the Garden State.

Seniors could be hit hardest by Cincinnati's property tax increases


Artist Susan Naylor has lived in her East Price Hill home for more than 30 years. It was modestly priced when she settled there in the 1990s — it just called out to her. She's since set up her studio there and thinks of her yard as a work of art. "It's a Sears house," she says. "It's a darling cottage, and when I saw it, it looked just like my grandmother's house. It was just cozy.

Property values up 72% following 2024 reappraisal in Cheatham County, new tax rate to be set in July


Following the 2024 reappraisal, property values in Cheatham County are up on an average of 72%. This number is up from 2019, which is the last reappraisal the county had, which saw an increase of 30%. Along with the reappraisal, the State of Tennessee will set a certified tax rate in July, which is expected to be much lower than the rate set in 2023.

Dallas County Commercial Property Values Spike More Than 20% Despite Deal Flow Slowing To A Trickle


Preliminary values released this morning show double-digit increases across all asset types, signifying a vast divide between how property owners and the DCAD perceive the state of the market. Some sectors were hit harder than others, but protests are expected to be up across the board, and a historic level of litigation is now more of a consensus than a hunch.

Some Dallas homeowners are seeing shocking hikes in 2024 property values

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"Notices of Appraised Value," which are sent out to homeowners to inform them of their property value and the taxes they owe, started going out in the mail on April 12. But the new values have already been posted on the website of Dallas County Appraisal District (DCAD), the body responsible for appraising property for property tax purposes.

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