Daily NAPTA Update 04.09.2024

Posted by Diane Macri | Apr 09, 2024

With Federal Office Buildings 'Mostly Empty,' Pressure Grows To Cut Space Faster


While the effects of the pandemic on private sector office usage have become increasingly clear, the future of the federal footprint is still largely up in the air. The fate of these millions of square feet of offices is an unanswered question worth billions of taxpayer dollars.

Despite high property taxes, Illinois legislators eye increases

Cities 929

Thursday in Springfield, the House Revenue and Finance Committee advanced several measures that would allow for increases in property tax levies. House Bill 1075 would allow villages and townships to increase theirs for museums. Illinois Municipal League Executive Director Brad Cole supported the museum levy.

"Revaluation Numbers for Morristown are Wrong", Says Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty to Homeowners


"We all received preliminary information in the fall based on estimated taxes for 2024, that is not correct", Dougherty said in his message. "What has happened is, the letters or information that went out on estimated taxes with the new revaluation were not done with the adding of the county assessment and the school assessment."

Tenn. Extends Counties' Ability To Hire Collection Agents


Tennessee removed the sunset date on a law that allows county trustees to hire collection agents to collect delinquent tangible personal property taxes under a bill signed by the governor.

Gregg County property appraisal increases won't be as high as recent years

Kilgore News Herald

The good news coming out of the Gregg County Appraisal District this month is that appraisal values aren't expected to increase as much as they have in the past couple of years. Property appraisals will go out April 12, said Chief Appraiser Mark Cormier.

Va. Will Allow Installment Agreements For 'Omitted' Taxes


Virginia will allow local officials to create installment agreements for those assessed taxes that should have been assessed in previous years, under a bill signed by Gov. Glenn Youngkin…

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