Elizabeth Daniels


Millions of dollars in savings have accrued to property owners because of Beth Daniels' work to obtain crucial tax exemptions and reductions in assessed values on major properties. The properties involved in her cases range from Pinellas County's largest undeveloped parcel to major hotels, office complexes, apartments, shopping malls, and industrial plants all over Florida. She has represented such well-known corporate names as USX Credit, Sprint, Citicorp Real Estate, Inc., GMAC, Pepperidge Farm, The Principal Financial Group, Colonial Properties, and the Marriott Sawgrass Resort.

Beth started working on ad valorem tax cases in the early 1980s and since then has increasingly focused her commercial litigation practice on matters involving disputes with real property, particularly valuation issues. She has handled ad valorem tax matters in over thirty different counties (virtually all primary population centers in Florida other than Dade and Broward Counties). The types of property tax matters and issues that she frequently handles are as follows: Challenges to the assessed value of realty and personal property; Applications for ad valorem tax exemptions (charitable, agricultural,
homes for elderly, conservation, and affordable housing projects; Appeals of denials of ad valorem exemptions; Homestead exemption, cap, and portability issues; Actions to correct tax assessments and to re-set caps; Tax refund actions.

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