Daily NAPTA Update 8.3.2022

Posted by Diane Macri | Aug 03, 2022


Dougherty Co. property taxes could go up

If you rent or own property in Dougherty County, your monthly bills could go up considerably next year. Dougherty County Commissioners have tentatively adopted a 23% increase over the rollback millage rate. The main reason was because of inflation, but also to pay county employees more.


Petition to lower Baltimore city property taxes fails

A grassroots effort to lower Baltimore city's property tax rate has failed. Organizers started two petitions to put a referendum on the November ballot but fell short of collecting enough signatures.


County commissioners slam DCAD with resolution: 'Denton County will not fund failure'dentonrc.com
Referencing “blame and excuses,” “lacking leadership” and “continued disappointment,” Denton County commissioners voted Tuesday to disapprove of the Denton Central Appraisal District's recent budget increase and put it in formal writing that they lack confidence in the agency.

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