BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A proposed constitutional amendment that would make North Dakota the only state in the nation to abolish property taxes is stirring statewide controversy. READ MORE...

SALEM, Ore. -- The promise of lucrative tax breaks helped persuade Facebook to build a data center in one of Oregon's most economically depressed counties. Now, the state and the company are in a dispute over how much Facebook may owe in property taxes, and the social networking giant fears it could be taxed on intangible assets like the value of its powerful brand. Read More...

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Replacing police fee

24 May 2011

By The Salt Lake Star Tribune


by: Katie Herrera



Schools are bracing for the largest public education cuts since World War II.


U.S. Oil Co. Inc. has won an appellate court ruling in an assessment case that may lead to a $530,000 tax refund from the City of Milwaukee.




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