Philadelphia is the worst city in the nation in terms of tax delinquency, according to this story from PlanPhilly.Read More

The phones could be busier today at the offices of state lawmakers yet to support to two bills that would eliminate school property taxes and replace them with other tax increases after nearly 100 people attended a meeting on the pending legislation. Read More

As City Council struggles with setting a new property tax rate for homeowners, the lawmakers face a related question: whether to modify the long-controversial tax abatement for new construction. Read More

The third time apparently was the charm in resolving a dispute between School District of Lancaster and Lancaster Newspapers over the value of the company's downtown properties. Read More

The State House passed two bills which should give Philadelphia more authority to provide targeted tax relief to homeowners and allow the city to get tougher on tax deadbeats. Read More

Mayor Nutter and City Council are about to enter the backstretch of the budget season debating a menu of tax increases, offered to bail out the struggling schools, that are both unpopular and politically challenging. Read More

East Penn school directors have agreed to give up future property tax dollars from a proposed $140 million Costco-anchored shopping center in Lower Macungie Township to help make the tax- and job-generating development happen. Read More

About two-thirds of the region's charitable organizations have responded to Allegheny County's request to prove they deserve their property tax breaks -- but many, including UPMC, say they need more time. Read More

The state House has passed and sent to the Senate a pair of bills that would ease the impact of Mayor Michael Nutter’s initiative to overhaul property taxes in Philadelphia. Read More

Anyone who was around Philadelphia in the '80s has to be impressed by the transformation of Center City. Read More

Philadelphia residents whose tax bills are slated to go up next year received good news Monday when a tax-relief package moved closer to becoming law. Read More

Three pieces of legislation needed to provide property tax relief in Philadelphia have cleared a first hurdle in Harrisburg. Read More

During budget hearings today at Philadelphia City Hall (see related story), an official of the Board of Revision of Taxes projected a wide range of outcomes later this year as it begins plowing through appeals filed on the city’s new property assessments. Read More

The 2300 block of Christian Street sits squarely in Graduate Hospital, for more than a decade one of the city's hottest neighborhoods, where new homes and residents have translated into skyrocketing prices. Read More

The controversy over Philadelphia’s new property assessments has led to a related debate over the city’s 10-year tax abatement. Read More

AS ELECTED officials eye ways to protect those who will see astronomical increases under the city's property-tax reform, many say it's time to reconsider tax abatements for new construction and exempt properties. Read More

Another game of pass the buck? Harrisburg taxpayers say, yes. A proposed property tax hike of nearly 10% has several residents feeling like a pawn. Read More

It’s possible that soon, Pennsylvanians 60 and older crushed by soaring local property taxes will be able to have them reduced by “volunteering” to work at a local school to earn property tax credits. I’m not really sure how it counts as “volunteering” if you’re working for money, but that’s how they’re selling it. And if that’s not sounding like a depraved callback to pre-New Deal America yet, Republican State Representatives are bragging that the hourly rate of tax credits earned will amount to less than minimum wage. Read More

The York County Planning Commission wasn’t necessarily given the best of news this past week when the group convened to begin the process of updating the county’s comprehensive plan. Read More

In response to a recent out-of-court settlement with Walmart, the two Republican Bradford County commissioners said they get very aggravated sometimes with larger companies that appeal their property tax assessments in the county. Read More