Rhode Island

A Superior Court judge this week awarded damages to a New York City couple after finding that the Westerly tax assessor illegally bumped up the assessment of their Watch Hill home by $959,000 a year even as housing values dropped throughout town during the economic downturn. Read More

When about 30,000 supplemental tax bills are mailed out Tuesday, it will be, city officials hope, the last major part of a five-year plan to balance the city’s books, pay off an $8.1-million deficit and stabilize the pension fund. Read More

Opponents of a bill that would have given property tax breaks to home builders are relieved that Gov. Lincoln Chafee has vetoed the legislation. The bill would have limited the amount of property taxes that commercial builders of speculative housing would have to pay. The governor vetoed a similar bill last year. Read More

The city's Budget Commission has given Tax Assessor Christopher Celeste a unanimous go-ahead to send out a supplemented bill slated to bring in an additional $2.5 million in revenue for a fiscal year that has already passed. Read More

The NBC 10 I-Team has learned that some Warwick residents may have been denied tax exemptions on their property tax bills. Read More

Town's handling of affordable housing sparks a spirited give-and-take at the Barrington Town Council meeting on Monday, July 1. Read More

Standing in his 83-year-old Washington Park home, Raymond Lefebvre opened his new tax bill. Read More

The Tax Foundation put together a set of maps showing how much of their total revenue state and local governments get from different kinds of taxes, using Census data from the 2009-10 fiscal year. Read More

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras on Monday said he still plans to include a seven-year commercial tax freeze in his 2013-14 budget proposal, despite a 13.2% citywide decrease in residential property values that has some City Council members concerned a tax increase for homeowners is on the horizon. Read More

Rhode Island's capital city would freeze its commercial real estate tax for seven years, offer incentives for developers to build on surface parking lots and redevelop the Kennedy Plaza bus hub under an economic development action plan unveiled Wednesday by Mayor Angel Taveras. Read More

According to former Governor Donald Carcieri, there's been a misunderstanding with the town's tax assessor over a back tax bill on the Olney House, the building on Church Street the Carcieris bought from the town in 2002 for $1 with the idea of creating a children's science center. Read More

The Olney House – owned by former Gov. Donald Carcieri and his wife Suzanne – is scheduled go up for tax sale this year because they owe $15,000 in back property taxes, according to EG Tax Assessor Janice Peixinho. Read More

 Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling's collapsed video game company owes the city of Providence nearly $489,000 in property taxes -- but the city isn't expecting to get the money. Read More

A proposal to put several previously exempt city properties, including many non-profit organizations, on the tax rolls received mixed reactions from the Budget Commission members, leaving Assessor Christopher Celeste with little direction as to how to proceed as he sends out the bills. Read More

Cities and towns across Rhode Island have sought approval to exceed the state’s cap on property taxes 33 times since the 2009 fiscal year, according to a GoLocalProv review of municipal finances. Read More

 Decision on sending letters to non-profit groups tabled for discussion Nov. 27. Read more

 The publisher of The Providence Journal and the city of Providence have settled a decade-long dispute over the tax assessment for the newspaper's headquarters building and printing plant, according to a consent judgment approved by the Superior Court on Friday. Read more

 Rhode Island’s governor has vetoed legislation that would have placed a tax break on unsold new homes. Read more

 At a time when leaders are scrounging under every rock in search of pennies to fill out their budgets, some big-ticket items are apparently still out in the open for the taking. Read more